Thats good. :3

I guess Ill just update this from Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, then xD

Yes, I use IE. .3.

We dont have FireFox, and I dont really like Chrome. I use Safari on the PlayBook, because thats what it comes with.


Course I gotta go early.. Were going to a barbeque thing.. Hm. I dont know how long its gonna last, and I dont know if well be back in time for me to update this. ;A;

Kay, so Im back.

For God knows how long. .-.

Im just waiting for my clothes to be done in the dryer so I can finish packing for the summer home.

So. I was at the barbeque thing, and I check my PokeWalker. I checked the time, and I saw the little battery symbol up in the corner. It only appears when its going dead. So, I was a half hour away from home with a PokeWalker going dead with over 6000 Watts on it. If it dies, you lose the Watts on it and the steps for the day reset. I didnt dare check it the rest of the time. When I got home, I got the extra batteries and had dad put a new one it. :3 After I transferred Flareon back, course. I had 6444 Watts. Turns out shed been in there since April 10th xD Almost four months O_O It should have been filled already.. It usually takes about two and a half to three months to get 9999 Watts. .3. Its probably because schools out and I dont wear it many places besides school.

Flareon is the only female eevee Ive ever gotten in my 449 plus hours on my HeartGold game. Ive had that gameeeeee---------- SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT I MISSED ASHES BIRTHDAY..... ;A; It was the twenty fourth of July.. I got the game then, too. It marked the third year Ive had the game. Ive had flareon for nearly three years, too.

ASHES is my starter. .3. He started out as Ashes, but my game glitched when he evolved and it went to ASHES. I hated him at first after he evolved.. I thought he was ugly xD Then I found out how to stop them from evolving and had a minor panic attack when he tried to evolve again. I looked at what was next and hated it again xD The next evolution was ugly in my opinion. He reached level 100 and still holds the everstone I gave him. And is still a Quilava xD I beat the E4 with a level 88 Quilava, 44 Gyarados, 4 Togepi, 12 Krabby, 12 Spearow, 14 Geodude. I wanted to beat it with my usual team. I have been raising a Raichu and Sneasel for nearly three years now.. Rai is level 56, I think, and Sneasel is in her seventies. I have a Purrloin on my Black game on level 77 or 79, and a Lillipup on level 55 or 56. And then theres my starter, Berry (Snivy) on level 56. On my White 2 game I have a Herdier on level 91, a Reshiram on level 81 or 91, and I have a level 100 Arcanine, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Vaporeon again, Leafeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Pikachu, and some more I cant remember. I traded Starly for them :P Except for Arcanine. 

I got a Giratina for a lillipup egg... And I traded a Darkrai for a shiny Vulpix. I flipped when I saw I could get it, because I had two Darkrai on my Pearl game (Which was used and it was a hack I think). I traded for a bunch of stuff with eggs.. Ha.. The look on that guys face when he saw he traded his Giratina for a Lillipup musta been priceless. Though I did, and still do, feel kinda bad about that xD

I dont know how I got into that.... .3. I didnt mean to rant xD Im sorry if it sounds like Im bragging, Im not trying ;-;


I gotta go packkkkkkkkkkk D:

//scrapes at face//

Tell me this is just a possibility.

I dont want this.

I knew dad was thinking about getting an apartment.

Apparently mums talking about selling the house once we get repairs done.

Meaning we might be moving.

Ill explain a bit more tomorrow.